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Q & A with Christy Wrede

26 Sep

Q: What rescue/organization are you with?

A: I volunteered as a foster for Mutts-N- More for 2 1/2 years and started my own rescue, Luv Furever Animal Rescue, this July.

Q: Where is it located?

A: We don’t have a physical location. We are made up of volunteer foster homes throughout Monmouth and Middlesex county.

Q: What makes this rescue/organization special?

A: We are looking to find the best homes, not the first homes, for the animals in our care.  Not every animal is a good fit for every family.  It must be a good match to ensure the pet and the family will have a long happy life together.

Q: How can people donate to help?

A: We need foster homes and supplies.

Q: Where do you rescue from?

A:  We rescue from the Cherokee County Shelter in South Carolina.  The volunteer group  that goes to the shelter and takes pictures of the animals to send out to rescues is the Humane Society of Cherokee County, run by Judy Wiles.  When we agree to save a dog, she gets them out of the shelter and boards them until they can come up here on the rescue transport.  While in her care they get medicals, vaccines, worming, and spay/neuter.  Without her help, none of this would be possible.  She is a lifesaver!

Q: How did you get into rescuing?

A: It has always been my passion.  I started as a child by feeding a feral cat in the neighborhood. I tamed her and after a few years she came inside the house.  I also volunteered at the Monmouth County SPCA for a year and a half as a dog walker/foster.  I worked with the more difficult dogs until they were finally able to find a home.

Q: What are the benefits of rescuing an animal rather than buying an animal from a pet store?

A: There are so many animals dying to be rescued from shelters.  We primarily pull our dogs/puppies from a shelter in SC that is an all-kill shelter, meaning there is no adoption program.  The only way out alive is if a rescue steps in to take an animal.  When you buy at a pet shop, you are supporting the inhumane conditions at puppy mills. Even if the salesman says they don’t come from a mill, you can be sure that is where they originated.

Q: Can you share a rescuing story with me?

A:  This summer myself and another volunteer drove down to SC to visit the shelter we rescue our animals from.  It was an eye opening experience to say the least.  We came home with 16 rescued dogs/puppies and they have all found loving, forever homes in NJ. While down at that shelter, I looked at all of the dogs that were locked up in “jail” through no fault of their own.  I found a couple that I felt would be highly adoptable in NJ, but had no chance in SC.  The three dogs I selected to rescue were supposed to have been already euthanized earlier that morning, but after the shelter manager had euthanized some of the cats, her back started to hurt so she held off on doing the dogs.  They were so lucky to have been alive when I walked through that shelter!

Thank you so much to Christy Wrede. For more information on Luv Forever Animal Shelter, e-mail luvfureveranimalrescue@yahoo.com or call 732-693-8104.